What Are Stock Loans

Non-recourse stock loans use non-marginable securities as collateral, we’ll lend you liquidity against the value of your stock. You’ll then quickly and securely acquire the capital you or your business needs. Our non-recourse loans do not put you at risk of credit damage or loss of other assets because the only collateral on the table are the non-marginable securities initially pledged to us. Once your loan and accrued interest have been paid, your securities will be returned to you.

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How Do Stock Loans Work?

While building your diverse stock portfolio, you may come to acquire non-marginable securities, which are essentially stocks that cannot be bought on margin by most financial institutions and brokerages. Stock Loans USA, however, will accept these securities as collateral to lend you liquid assets. Just fill out an application and get started today!

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How Is the Value of the Loan Determined?

The value of the loan depends entirely upon the value of the stock offered as collateral. We have no set minimum or maximum loan amount – value is based on various economic factors, like current or projected market conditions, the type of securities, and whether or not you’re interested in a stock block purchase. Even if your securities are considered too risky or too low in value by other financial institutions, we are committed to offering secure stock-based loans with fair interest rates.

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